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As the Executive Director of Summit Malibu, I really appreciate 90265 Medical Group. I feel they go above and beyond to care for our clients. Our clients often comment how much time, attention, and love they receive from Dr. Stanley, Dr. Benya, and Dr. Amiri. I highly recommended their services.

Kristin Robert

Summit Malibu

Dr. Lisa Benya and Dr. William Stanley, along with their physician’s group, 90265 Medical Group, are a team of addiction medicine physicians that are dedicated in their ongoing efforts to maintain sobriety among our clients in the various stages of change. They are committed in helping clients get through the gripping struggles of addiction. The balance they have been able to create in medication management has been excellent. 90265 Medical Group offers a stellar level of care. They choose to be on call and to avail themselves in their pledge to meet each addict where they are in their own recovery. Drs Benya and Stanley along with their physicians group and Lars the Group Administrator are always professional, caring and an inspiration to all those they treat. I can’t say enough about their bedside manners as indicated by the clients they see at Harmony Place. The communication with our clinical staff and Psychiatry has also been good. Harmony Place is proud to partner with 90265 Medical Group. We highly recommend them as the finest physician group, meeting all ASAM standards, in the field of addiction and internal medicine.

Jeff Schwartz, LCSW

Harmony Place, CEO


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