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90265 Medical Group

Addiction Medicine located in Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve started a substance abuse treatment plan that includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you might benefit from Sublocade™. In the Sawtelle district of Los Angeles, California, 90265 Medical Group prescribes Sublocade as a maintenance medication to help you maintain your progress. Call the practice or schedule a consultation online today for expert substance abuse treatment services.

Sublocade Q & A

What is Sublocade?

Sublocade is an extended-release form of buprenorphine, which the team at 90265 Medical Group delivers as a subcutaneous shot. It is available only as an in-office treatment. Your doctor gives you the injection once a month. 

The team at 90265 Medical Group often provides Sublocade as part of a long-term maintenance plan to help prevent relapse. It helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that often occur when you stop using opiates. 

How does Sublocade work?

Sublocade is a partial opioid agonist, which means it attaches to opioid receptors in your brain and blocks opioid molecules from attaching and triggering the dopamine release that relieves pain and makes you feel good or “high.” You need to be taking Suboxone® or another sublingual form of buprenorphine for at least seven days before having your first Sublocade injection. 

What should I expect while using Sublocade?

Following your psychiatric evaluation and starting a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) substance abuse treatment program, your provider at 90265 Medical Group might switch you to Sublocade. If Sublocade is right for you, your provider gives you a subcutaneous injection of the medication once a month. 

Before taking Sublocade, you need to talk to your doctor about other health conditions and any other medicines or supplements you take, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins. 

90265 Medical Group provides only medical treatments for substance abuse and addiction. However, you can combine Sublocade and other MAT with counseling and support groups to sustain your detox and sobriety. Relapse is extremely common when recovering from addiction, and the team wants to help you stay on track. 

While Sublocade is intended for long-term use, your addiction specialist eventually may encourage you to taper off of your medications and reduce your reliance on medicine to stay sober. Sublocade can cause dependency, so make sure to be honest with your provider about cravings and side effects during your treatment so they can adjust your prescription and provide the personalized treatment you need to stay sober. 

If you’re ready for long-term maintenance substance abuse treatment, call 90265 Medical Group or make an appointment online today to find out if Sublocade is right for you.